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Turn on or off Night Vision - RM7754HD


The baby unit has infrared LEDs that allow you to see your baby clearly at night or in a dark room. When the infrared LEDs are on, the images are in black and white, and 57x4_77x4_night_vision.png appears on the parent unit.


Turn on or off night vision:

1. Press 57x4_77x4_menu_select_key.png when the parent unit is idle.

2. Press arrow_left_190722.png or arrow_right_190722.png to choose 57x4_77x4_camera_settings.png, then press 57x4_77x4_menu_select_key.png

3. Press arrow_right_190722.pngto turn on or off Night Vision.



  • It is normal if you see a short white glare on your parent unit screen as the baby unit is adapting to the dark environment.
  • When the infrared LEDs are on, the images are in black and white. This is normal.


TIP_TIPS_180112.png TIP

Depending on the surroundings and other interfering factors, like lightings, objects, colors and backgrounds, the video quality may vary. Adjust the baby unit’s angle or place the baby unit at a higher level to prevent glare and blurry display.

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